Brand Development is more than just a logo. Memorable is powerful.

Branding is more than just a logo, it’s the personality and image of your company.
Halfnine can capture your company essence to design an attractive and engaging brand image to create brand awareness and recall.


Need an overhaul?

If your original logo has lost it’s appeal or never had any to begin with, it’s time to get your groove on to create some brand recall.

We’ll discuss with you what it is about you brand that has value, in other words what to keep and what to chuck away.

We are a full service brand design studio and offer the following services straight out of our Gold Coast studio….

Ideas Guide Logo Design

  • Brand mark

    This is the logo of your company. It consists of the elements of the logo, such as colour, design, picture, symbol or the typeface of the brand.

  • Brand research

    Probably the most important stage in developing a brand. Researching and auditing competitors and customer needs creates a strategy. It’s then stakeholders’ responsibility to agree on the goals, and then the creative process can start. Need help? Use our survey to get you started.

  • Corporate identity

    This is basically your frequently used items such as Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes and With Comp Slips.

  • Corporate style guide

    We design style guides that address real world problems which create a common approach to customer brand interaction. We’ll discuss tactics and techniques for creating a style guide that presents and organises the brand information in a usable structure.

  • Logo design

    This ideogram or wordmark needs to promote needs to instantly identify your company. We use form, function and colour to stand out and gain public recognition and understanding.

  • Naming

    Coming up with a name is part of the fun, but it also requires research. We also have the tools to reserve your name across the web and social media landscape.

  • Deployment

    It’s critical that implementation is consistent across all of your touchpoints. We can help your new brand out.