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The keys for a professional and clean annual report…

Simplicity Simplicity Definition Consistency Concise

  • Simplicity

    Your annual report should be well written and easily understood by people who have no financial or industry knowledge.

  • Definition

    Explain sensibly what your business actually does. Organise and structure are key factors so that complex issues are clearly understood.

  • Consistency

    Provide progress on a time-line so shareholders can track progress on key issues and make comparisons and analysis of performance.

  • Concise

    After a year of business there is mountain of information to communicate. Despite this your content needs to provide summary’s and overviews that are informative and engaging.

Attention to detail...

Designing and producing an annual report requires enormous attention to detail. Halfnine has the experience to ensure quality and accuracy to delivery on time and within budget.

Attention to detail...